The ULTIMATE guide to postgraduate funding

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  2. The Complete Guide to Postgraduate Funding Worldwide
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  5. The Complete Guide to Postgraduate Funding Worldwide.
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We provide information for all of the key parts of university research — including accommodation, fees and sport — to help students make the right choice. What Will it Cost? What Will You Earn? University bursaries and scholarships You could get a university scholarship or bursary — these financial awards usually reward high achievement or support students with greater need. Finding a university scholarship or bursary. Consult the websites and prospectuses of individual universities and colleges, as well as UCAS.

If you are considering a 'collegiate university' a university comprising a number of separate colleges, like Oxford or Cambridge check if there are awards from particular colleges. See also our advice about Open days and Clearing, below. For a summary of undergraduate university scholarships or bursaries, the Complete University Guide has pulled together a list of what's on offer at universities in each UK nation.

See below to download our university bursary and scholarship grids. Further down this page we tell you more about the criteria in the headings, so you can find out what they mean. There may be entrance scholarships, awarded to new students entering university, or progression scholarships, with financial support for year two being conditional upon the successful completion of year one.

Applying for postgraduate study? We also have a guide to financial support for postgraduate students. If you don't think you'll fit the criteria for either a university scholarship or a bursary, it's still worth a look at what bursaries and scholarships are available outside of universities. The criteria for these awards can be broader, for example based on where you attended school, what your parents do for a living, or even for being a vegetarian. Awards from external agencies or charities may also be listed on university websites.

What are the criteria in the grids? The definition of 'low income' varies. You'll need to provide evidence of your household income.

Universities often do this by offering student bursaries and scholarships to certain groups. Some may target regions, postcodes or areas where it's more unusual to go to university; or students who are entering via Access or Outreach programmes, progressing from partner colleges, or state educated. Specific groups can include ethnic minorities BAME or gender-specific, or those who are the first generation in their family to attend university. Check out what might be on offer. Disabled WP — this may include students with physical or sensory disabilities, long-term health or mental health conditions, or with specific learning differences such as dyslexia, dyspraxia or autism.

Usually in the form of scholarships, awards do not always provide a financial incentive but may include benefits such as free lessons or coaching. International students are often eligible for these awards. Awards may sometimes be open to international students.


There are also often awards for continuing students in specific subjects, these are not listed in these grids. These are often termed merit scholarships or excellence scholarships. Application may be competitive i. Some awards are restricted to students from low income families.

The Complete Guide to Postgraduate Funding Worldwide

Awards for international students are usually in the form of fee reductions; early payment or family loyalty discounts may also apply. Top tips if applying for a university scholarship or bursary.

Make sure you choose the right university for you, not because it may offer more money a year. Be realistic about your chances. How many applicants will benefit from the large headline sums? Check both the value of the award and how many are on offer.

University bursaries and scholarships

Find out whether you need to apply, and what the deadline is. Some awards require application.


Others may be awarded automatically. Automatic awards can include bursaries based on your personal circumstances, or if you achieve the specified grades in your exams. For awards that require application, you are likely to require the offer of a place before you can apply. Make sure you note any deadlines for application. When will you know if you've been awarded a scholarship or bursary? For bursaries dependent on income, you should have a good idea if you fit the eligibility criteria before you apply.

You'll know if you are likely to meet the criteria when you get your student finance assessment. Cardiff University offers a range of postgraduate degrees. Just take a look at the extensive list of courses here. You should also be aware of the changes to your funding. As an undergraduate student, you receive a tuition fee loan every year, which your student funding body pays directly to the University.

the ultimate guide to postgraduate funding Manual

They also provide you with a maintenance loan in three instalments throughout the year. However, postgraduate funding is a little different to this. Welsh students, this now applies for you too hurrah! It is then completely up to you to decide what you do with this money, but remember that you are now responsible for paying your tuition fees, rent and living costs from this one loan. It is important to note that tuition fees will differ depending on which course you choose, so make sure to consider the cost of your postgraduate degree before making your decision.

It is also worth checking with the school in which you are applying, to see if they have any sources of funding that you can apply to, such as scholarships or stipends. If you want to pursue other options for your funding, check out the government website, where you can find out about professional and career development loans. You can find a lot of information in the Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding. If you are an international student and you wish to stay on at Cardiff University for postgraduate study, you can contact the International Student Support for advice about your visa.

Summer Careers Fair: Hear from employers first hand about the benefits of attending. Thinking of postgraduate study? Online support all year round. Get work experience before you graduate with GO Wales. Tips on finding a job after graduation from Cardiff Award Alumni.

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